Thursday, September 18, 2008

Saturday in Vegas....

OK, so Binh and I are on AIM trying to remember what we did. God, grad school really makes it hard to be able to blog long stories about what we did almost a month ago.

I think we started off the day fairly late by going to the McDonald's downstairs at the Plaza. We all ordered off the dollar menu because we aren't suckers. We then made our way down to the Deuce stop where we all purchased OFFICIAL Deuce passes for the day. That was where we saw the dude with the bad combover.

When we finally boarded the Deuce (if I recall correctly, people were having problems figuring out how to buy Deuce passes? I don't know. We finally told them to use cash since it was taking forever with credit cards.) it took us forever to make it to our destination. The Deuce used to be a relatively quick way to get up and down the strip, but now that they've branded it "the Deuce" more people know about it, therefore, it's more crowded. Then people insist on requesting every available stop. Anyhoo, it was taking forever, I remember Jose being really annoyed.

I think we got off at Excalibur and took the moving sidewalk to Mandalay Bay where we all made a beeline to Rumjungle where we each ordered Volcanoes.

Here are some random dipshits drinking Volcanoes. Because it's apparently not obvious, we don't know these people. I googled "rumjungle volcano" and did an image search. These are the dipshits I chose.

After the Volcanoes (I'm not sure what's in them, I know it involves several kinds of rum, a few of them being 151 proof and some sort of juice and grenadine) we went into the casino for a bit. It was there that I became a multi-hundredaire by winning $200 on the penny slots. I know, I know, I could have won 25x that had I played max bets. I was already playing max lines, isn't that high roller-y enough?

After that...hmmm....what did we do? Oh, we went to the Trop to get our free pull and coupon books...which included a free $5 bet on roulette. We all promptly lost. But it was free, so it's not like we could complain. We also got two-for-one drinks. I think Gabe didn't want his coupon, so I used it to get more beers.

We continued to work our way up the strip, stopping to see the lions at MGM (they were sleeping, yet there was still a huge crowd) and then ate at the food court next to the Coke museum. After that, we hopped on the Deuce and went to O'Shea's to see if there were any midgets running around (there weren't) and to see what the beer pong thing was. It was pretty lame, I thought people would be playing beer pong for money, but they weren't. They were just playing beer pong in the middle of a casino.

I tried my luck at that wheel of fortune game, you know, the one with the different dollar bills on it? Anyhoo, I turned my back and the lady spun it and it went like a quarter of a turn and she was all, "oh, you lose." WTD??? Jose is my witness, I was ripped off! Shortly after that, we caught the Deuce and headed back to Fremont Street so we could get in our Butt Rock clothes.

to be continued...I swear!

Here's something to tide you over.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sorry I'm taking so long to blog about the trip

I got back from Vegas and started school the next day. And there's a lot more homework than I expected.

Here are a few highlights from 80s Workout Video Extras night:

We were mistaken for Fannypack. I thought they meant this Fannypack:

Apparently, they were referring to this Fannypack:

I guess that's fair. I don't know why I immediately thought they were talking about the singers of the hit song Cameltoe. Maybe I was feeling self-conscious about the hot pink tights and short shorts. We thought about choreographing a dance routine to be performed at the nearest lounge, but I forget why we never got around to it. Probably because we're not contestants on America's Best Dance Crew for a reason.

Our next highlight was trying to buy drinks at the bar. I'm guessing because we were dressed like fools, it gave the bartenders license to totally ignore us. We eventually got drinks after I yelled that we had been standing there for 10 minutes and were guests at the hotel. Needless to say, those a-holes did not get a tip.

We headed over to Mermaids where we knew we would be served and the waitress who got us bombed last year remembered us. Imagine that. Makin' friends! She brought us several drinks and we continued to lunge and stretch our way up and down Fremont Street posing for pictures with and for whoever wanted them.

That's all for now, I'm tired. Hopefully, I'll get to the rest of the trip sooner rather than later.

edited to add:

Oh! We lost Gabe that night! We went to cash in our nickels at Mermaids (I know, who doesn't have ticket machines these days?) and for some reason, Gabe thought we left them. He had no pockets (and therefore no phone) and had wandered over to the Third Street Stage to watch the 80s cover band which included fake Rod Stewart, Robert Plant, Stevie Wonder, Pat Benetar/Joan Jett (I like how they're interchangeable) and Ringo Starr (what?). For some reason, he thought we'd end up there, but he thought wrong. We went back to the hotel and watched from our window for him and saw him strolling down the street confidently. Way too confidently for a guy dressed like he was, but he later told us that that's really the only way to walk when everyone's staring at you and the rest of your equally hideous partners in crime aren't with you. He immediately put pants on, but stripped back down to the shorts when Jose arrived and joined in on the fun.

OK, I think that's all for tonight.