Monday, April 27, 2015

Theme nights!!!

Theme nights are set!

Friday: Sister Act
Saturday: Red Hat Ladies
Sunday: Aloha, California!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Main Street Station pool info

The pool is located at the California (there's a skyway that crosses the street, so we don't need to leave to access the pool). I've read some reviews and it seems to be a no-frills rooftop pool, but you're allowed to bring a cooler as long as it's not filled with glass bottles. There is pool furniture that is first come, first served, and there are no cabanas.

If I recall correctly, we had a perfectly awesome time at the Binion's rooftop pool where we brought out a cooler of Bud Light, so this sounds OK for our group. Plus, we'll save a ton on drinks and won't have to sneak them like we did last year.

Bay Area STBE Committee is flying in early

Well, at least some of us are. Last year, we flew in on Thursday night and Ryan had arranged a limo for us. Then Mike was waiting at the airport with champagne!

This could turn into a classy affair, so if you want to join us, we'll be arriving in Vegas at 10:30pm the night before the official festivities begin.

Oh, and Ryan's not allowed near the Denny's. It's in writing now.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

hotel discounts

I booked Thurs-Mon at Main Street Station (a group of us is flying in early to save on flights and avoid Friday traveling crowds), and after taxes it was less than $45 a night.

Search around to see if you have your slot card (we signed up for them to save money on the Fremont buffet) - it's called B Connected. If you find it, you can set up an online profile with it and book rooms at a discount. It was an $11 discount on Thurs/Sun and a $15 discount on the two weekend nights. Prices were good for a deluxe room, one king or two queens.

If you can't find it, I imagine you can call the hotel and ask them to look up your account. Once you have your account number, you can set it up (or if you're already on the phone, you can probably just book there). Best part? You only have to put down a deposit for the first night.

STBE 15 dates are set!!!

The FIFTEENTH Annual Sugar Twins Birthday Extravaganza will be Friday, August 14, 2015 - Monday, August 17, 2015 at Main Street Station in Downtown Las Vegas!!!

I'll try to update the blog regularly!