Saturday, May 21, 2016

Theme nights!

We decided on STBE 2016 theme nights a while ago. I haven't updated the website, but I can tell you that Sister Act night was such a hit last year that we're doing it again and will rotate annualy with Red Hat Ladies. We were also inspired by a deep v-neck pantsuit worn at Jessie's wedding that we'll be doing pantsuits as a theme night. For the third night, we'll just wear our annual STBE t-shirts. This year's shirt will likely feature a fictional be-mulleted 80's stand-up comic we've named Loretta Stone (she'll also teach you another language at a discount). A couple years ago, we were too tired by Sunday to even properly pull off mumus. If we can't pull off mumus, it's a problem. Last year, we wore Hawaiian shirts with sweet patches and it was pretty awesome.

STBE 16 dates and location are set!!!

STBE 2016 (the 15th anniversary) is September 9-12. Since Main Street Station was sold out, we're returning to the Golden Nugget!

One thing we're giving up is the ability to roll up to the pool with a cooler full of beer, but apparently the Main Street hotel (actually at the California) sat on the surface of the sun. I guess we can deal with annoying children and having to sneak beers in under a caftan in order to hang out at a classy pool. And maybe Ryan can win enough money in a poker tournament to get us a cabana again!