Thursday, May 28, 2009

3 month warning!!!

STBE '09 is only 3 months away!!!

Head over to to vote for your favorite theme nights. We're in the second round of voting and are getting closer to the final list of theme nights. Binh wants you all to vote and get it over with so she can plan her outfits for the trip. The bad news for her is that there are two more rounds. Once we whittle this group down to 6, it'll go down to 3, which will then compete in the final round of polling with the 6 themes that Ginger and Mike declared safe.

So go fill out your time off request forms for the last week of August already!

Monday, May 11, 2009

so when you vote

vote for FOUR themes in each poll. I've noticed that when I check the numbers, people are only voting for one or two themes.


Voting has begun for our fabulous Vegas theme nights!

The first round features three polls: there are 9 themes in each poll. Top 4 vote-getters from each poll moves into the next round (in the event of a tie, however, highest vote-getters overall will move on to the next round).

Vote here! The process is explained and the Twins' piiiicks are listed. Note: those themes will be safe until the final round of voting.

Oh! And don't forget to stop by the messageboard and make the case for your favorite themes or a voting strategy.